Hi, here is Minna and Hannu.

The story behind Nordic Career

Soon after the establishment of Arctic Career, it was clear to Heidi, Jonna, and Tuire that they wanted more good people to join their story! Heidi happened to discuss the matter with Hannu Romppanen, who had been considering entrepreneurship in the staffing service industry in addition to his own Kaukonen Garden.

The matter lingered and when the time was ripe, Hannu jumped in as an employee at Arctic Career in the fall of 2022 to assist with recruitments for the upcoming winter season, and thus, the story of Nordic Career began to be written!

Nordic Career was founded in January 2023, and its hometown is a bit north of Rovaniemi, in Kittilä. Minna Mantovaara started alongside Hannu as the local entrepreneur in Kittilä. Hannu has been in the industry for 20 years, making him a true expert in the field, not easily surprised. Hannu radiates the honesty, reliability, and attitude of life from Lapland, which is about doing, not just planning to. Hannu’s areas of expertise and responsibility include the tourism and restaurant industries, commercial sector, and ski resort customers and recruitments.

Minna has accumulated comprehensive work experience from the tourism industry as well as six years of experience in the staffing service industry, where her duties included recruitment and customer management. Thanks to her extensive and comprehensive work experience, Minna’s recruitments succeed perfectly in any situation. Kindness is the most important value for Minna in her work, and genuine caring emanates from her actions. Recruitments are always handled in a customer-oriented way. Minna and Hannu have worked together before – when you know the other person beforehand, action is natural and cooperation is straightforward! Jumping into entrepreneurship was a natural continuation of the career for both. The division of work between them is clear: Hannu sells and Minna recruits. Locality is a strength in Lapland! Minna and Hannu genuinely know the clients’ workplaces and working conditions, which makes recruitment easier.

“Reliability is born here in the north from the fact that we ourselves are responsible for all our own actions, and reliability is redeemed through deeds” ~ Hannu “One of the philosophical pillars of our company is that we don’t even want to be a huge player. Kindness is one of our core values. By that, we mean that we know the employees we refer, we go and say hi to them, we ask how they are doing, and we help in any situation. The connection does not end with signing the employment contract” ~Minna In addition to the need for workforce during the Lapland tourist season, workers are also recruited for all other industries, and the operating area is not limited to just Lapland, but through Nordic Career, employees have worked from Utsjoki all the way to the Turku area.

In Kittilä, actions are taken, not just planned!

Our values

“We don’t just care, we take care”

“We don’t just care, we take care”

We want to make sure that employees get the orientation, tools, safe work environment, and respect that they deserve. Job vacancies and on-call jobs that we offer are all such that we could go and do ourselves

“You are allowed to have fun at work”

“You are allowed to have fun at work”

We strive to meet our clients and closest colleagues with a smile on our faces. Naturally, we are not always smiling with our teeth and that is also fine. At work, you are allowed to show emotions and celebrate accomplishments. Colleagues and clients can also be surprised, for example, with unexpectedly good service, or by bringing coffee and fresh’pastries to the office.

“When there are setbacks, we will help and support in any way possible.”

“When there are setbacks, we will help and support in any way possible.”

Deep down, people are good and they want to work. Everyone has talent in them. We want to help people to discover their own careers, and to support people with their professional growth, even if that is always not possible in their first workplace. Kindness is a true form of empathy, understanding and accepting others for whom they are

“We bear our responsibility for the north, and make sure our work is of high quality”

“We bear our responsibility for the north, and make sure our work is of high quality”. 

Responsibility is a part of private employment agencies in many ways. We are responsible employers. We bear responsibility for the client companies and the prerequisites for their growth. We bear responsibility for the development of Northern Finland’s economy in such a way that the availability of labour is not an obstacle to growth. For us, responsibility means the courage to also admit mistakes, mishaps and our own incompleteness as a person.

“Only change is permanent”

“Only change is permanent”

Learning new things is an important part of our work, it is part of being human. We learn more about different industries, people and ourselves every day. In addition to work, we actively strive to offer our employees the opportunity to study with an apprenticeship contract. At workplaces, we also aim at offering internal career development opportunities.

Let’s get in touch!

Hannu Romppanen

Account Manager / sales, recruiting

Let’s get in touch!

Minna Mantovaara

Hr-specialist / recruiting, payrolls, billing